Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wanderer's tale - the eye of soul

Dear readers, I am working on a book entitled 'Wanderer's tale - the eye of soul' regarding a human soul that is travelling through multi-dimensional existence.... I will be posting bits and parts for your worthy review and would appreciate some genuine feedback.

Given is the starting paragraph of this book.

"This relates to the tales of a wanderer who in time was caught - in the paradigms of society and afflicted behaviors. A journey that has begun pre-historically must be travelled in physical existence to find spiritual harmony and peace. Thus, a scientist, philosopher, poet, preacher, thinker, and experimentalist mind resides in the deep corners of Universal namelessness. A traveler who started his dream as a child to one day do something that could bring about a change in people’s life will tell the story that can. What happens when prejudiced minds plunge into the clarity of vision; a flight. This is the eye of soul, a universal vision exceeding all physical and mental limits that are."

He changed many names but his first was curiosity when the journey started asking questions what he was, why he was, from when he was, and how he was.

My heart wishes to have creed
And my mind wants to be freed
Arid and dried is my heart
I have no end, no where to start

Prison-January 23 2002

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The dog story

The month of July, 2004 had started and it was a hot afternoon I was spending at my friend Imran Bashir’s place. Imran lives in a colony; it is connected to the main by a link road which is often dark and gloomy at night thanks to the neglected condition of street lights. It was getting dark when I was leaving and because no transport is available here, I had to take this fifteen minutes walk.

Imran came along half way on my request but then I asked him to go back. This street has two squares; I saw some street dogs near the second square and while approaching them I was constantly pleading Allah Mighty to save me from these k9s. At the same time I was thinking that these street dogs were undisciplined and impatient creatures.


I approached the square, and saw that a street dog was approaching me from the right just like a car approaches the signal square. I stood; the dog stared at me and stopped, but then nodded his head in such a manner as if he wanted me to pass first. I took the bold step and crossed the square, looked back and was amazed to see as soon as I left, the dog started walking and crossed the road. This complete act was a perfect example of patience and discipline.

Something asked me within myself what do you think now? I had nothing to answer except to praise the dog for his patience, discipline and respect for others. Then I asked myself ‘Isn’t this dog better than the humans with uncontrollable anger, impatience, lack of discipline and disrespect for others? The answer came ‘yes this dog is better than most of the humans’. I felt that it was time for me to reflect and find the signs of Allah Al Mighty in the pettiest of matters. Allah Al Mighty taught me a lesson of patience, respect and discipline I can never forget by a creature that we deem without any conscious.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Soul Connection

Lost in the mist of forgetfulness: all is out of sight.
When the self connects to the Soul then man sees a light.
This light is shown only to those who reflect, think and feel
Not to the eyes shut; shut by a physical seal.

What makes a man do some thing? Does money or land satisfaction they bring?

The goal of our life is to find harmony; bought by neither land nor money.
Harmony we find by the light we spread
Through our thinking, words and action
So that we can find satisfaction.
Every action shall see a reaction
This I call 'The Soul Connection'